Property Priced Right

Successful real estate investors know that there is only one secret to making money in this business. You make your profit when you BUY, not when you sell.

The past few years have left many investors with over-priced properties in their portfolios; novices and veterans alike. Fortunately, you can help dig these people out of a hole while building your own business on the excavated dirt. This is a generational opportunity. At no time in the past 90 years have there been so many ways to build the next great real estate empire as there are today.

NJ Investing specializes in foreclosed properties in the State of New Jersey. We include pre-foreclosure data for every county in the State. Check out our primer on New Jersey foreclosure law to learn how to navigate the New Jersey procedures for foreclosure actions.

NJ Investing Provides:

  • Plaintiff and defendant information.
  • Amount of outstanding debt recorded in the court filings.
  • Data about the surrounding area and comparable sales prices.

And more…

During the property bubble, the emotional possibility of making “over-night” millions was just too great for many to pass up. If you have managed to emerge from the recent real estate crisis unscathed (or at least only slightly bruised), right now is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Dive in to our free pre-foreclosure data now!